Numerical modelling of tonal components of pressure pulsation spectra in the LRE booster turbopump screw stage

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Booster pump unit providing the required NPSH for the main LRE turbopump feed system operates in high vibration activity. Numerical simu- lation of unsteady flow in the booster pump unit allows one to analyze the amplitude-frequency characteristics of pressure pulsations generating the pump casing vibration. The obtained results were analyzed, the signals of pressure pulsations at the inlet and the outlet of the pump screw rotor ob- tained. The sources of pressure pulsations are defined. The conducted com- putational experiment revealed the direction of work to reduce the influence of hydrodynamic sources of vibration on the total vibration level of booster pump unit.

About the authors

S. F. Timushev

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Russian Federation

C. Н. Fedoseev

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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