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The article presents the results of monitoring the rotor vibration occurring in gas-pumping units. An assessment of the effect of vibration loads on seal leakage has been carried out. The maximum amplitudes and frequencies of vibration of rotors of gas-pumping units under operating conditions have been determined. A dynamic model of a "dry" seal is proposed, in which axial, angular and bending vibrations of the seal rings are realized. The theoretical definition of the rotor vibration parameters admissible for the operation of "dry" compaction is carried out.

About the authors

D. K. Novikov

Samara University

Russian Federation, Moskovskoe shosse 34, Samara, 443086

S. V. Falaleev

Samara University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation, Moskovskoe shosse 34, Samara, 443086

А. V. Shvechov

Samara University

Moskovskoe shosse 34, Samara, 443086


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Copyright (c) 2021 Novikov D.K., Falaleev S.V., Shvechov А.V.

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